WooAwesome Premium Gel Ink Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 100 Count

(2 customer reviews)


0.5mm nib, Ink is quick drying

Can write 50,000 English words

Can draw a straight line 1600 meters long

4 times the ink capacity of other gel pens

Designed in accordance with ergonomics, comfortable to hold

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2 reviews for WooAwesome Premium Gel Ink Pens, Fine Point, Black Ink, 100 Count

  1. Andy Rods

    I’ve been looking for a great pen to do everyday sketching that didn’t burn money with for a really long time now and this was perfect. It had everything I was looking for!
    – It’s reasonably priced (Cheap actually),
    – Glides across the paper (amazingly smooth)
    – I’ve used it on regular line paper, sketch paper, drawing paper, and even tan tone paper and it’s amazing on all of them
    – One thing to note for any other artist is it feels a little wonky on Bristol or vellum, but still well worth it if you’re only using it for every day sketching, which is what I use it for with the above listed paper.
    – Each pen is very vibrant and saturated so it’s very receptive to touch and doesn’t have any sort of break in lines like most office pens

    Seriously can’t recommend it enough for anyone just looking for office supply pens to write with or if you’re an artist who likes to sketch every day and you’re looking for something cheap and effective!

  2. Merc

    I discovered these when our office assistant ordered them for our office. I have ordered them twice now for my own personal use. They write great, never have any skips in the ink, sufficient life span for how often I use them, can’t beat the price for 100 pens compared to other popular and similar items. I highly recommend these. Oh, don’t let the shipping time fool you. I always get them way earlier than the projected arrival date.

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